About Danny

Master Stylist/Owner

riccioli_wallDanny Gerges hasn’t always been a hotshot hairstylist. An interest in fashion and a passion for working with people and making them happy led Danny to study at Vidal Sassoon. He moved to Canada from Lebanon in 1991 and began working around town to gain experience.In 1999, Danny decided that he had paid his dues to the hairdressing industry and that it was time for him to open his own salon, where he could call all the shots.

Danny understands the importance of hair to every individual, saying “hair can change a person; it has the power to transform them.” For inspiration, Danny travels to New York, California and Toronto every couple of months to get a feel for the new looks that will appear in the upcoming seasons. Danny explains, “Ottawa is catching up to these other cities, but someone has to break the barrier and introduce the new cut or colour to the customer.”

So what’s the hottest look for spring 2012? Danny goes on record saying that the layered bob will be the next big look, based on fashion’s sudden obsession with ’60s mod. The layered bob is a great modern twist on the ’60s classic: Think Ringo Starr, but sexier. Danny’s advice for people who are not so fashion-forward is to just “keep it natural,” use products to help with frizz, and “stop ironing hair;” instead, “sport your beautiful waves or curls.”

Danny’s salon, Riccioli Salon, is located in the heart of downtown Ottawa on Rideau Street. If you’ve had a bad hair experience in the past (which we probably all have), don’t worry! Danny loves to work with his customers and “catch their vibe” to help him understand exactly what they’re after.

Whether you’re updating your look or simply trimming away dead ends, Danny has the passion and experience to give you exactly what you want!