About Tanya

Tanya- Stylist

1157620_10153155637705013_215533725_nTanya possesses similar personality traits of people born on certain days … she is positive, inventive, a problem solver and generous with her advice. These are Tanya’s greatest strengths. Her weakness? Being picky!

The drive to succeed has been the biggest part of Tanya’s story. A love of art and compassion for people are the reasons Tanya loves being a stylist/colourist so much. To be thanked on a daily basis and hugged only because she was doing something she loves and making each individual feel good about themselves is worth every hour, minute and second of her day as a stylist.

Tanya is well-known for her back-combing skills, her successful bobs, and her top-notch work with weddings and proms. “When it comes time to creating wealth, wealth is a mindset. Its all about how you think”